Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Other Side of The Fence - A Take On Women's Role In The Game

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Yo, what's up my beloved readers. Time for an update.

So, I was having fun on reddit the other day, (im a total newbie at this reddit stuff) and I just started posting and commenting and somehow learned that when your arrow becomes orange, it means good stuff. :)

There was a post there by a girl asking for advice on asking a guy out.

Now I think this would be a relevant topic for us since it's not only us guys who play the game. Everyone plays the game. And mind you, some women are very good at it. So that being said, just try this new outlook that you are not always the one fighting for a win. got that? good.

Anyhoo, here's the thread.

annaloser said :

Asking a guy out for the first time advice needed (or something)

Basically, there's a guy (23) I met recently, and we've been hanging a bit (with other people), and I really like him. I'm really shy, and in the past the way I would deal with this is to never ever do anything to indicate that I like someone because omg what if he finds out I like him?! This has generally never gone down well.

So, in order to prevent the little crush becoming a huge unrequited love that will cause a lot of heart ache, I'm planning on laying the cards on the table now and saying Hey, I like you.. do you want to go for a drink sometime? and seeing what happens.

The thing is, I'm unsure when to do it.. should I just get it out of the way and ask now? (We just hung out last night). Or should I wait a little while since we've seen each other to ask? And then, should I make sure I actually have a somewhat free schedule, or work around what I've already got planned? (I don't want him to say yes and suggest a time and have to be like um, actually I can't do then...).

I guess this post is really about me never having done this before and being nervous about it (especially because I'm living abroad and there's a language thing too).. so I'd love some words of encouagement/advice so I don't chicken out! Thanks!

TL;DR: Shy 20F wants to ask 23M out (first time asking someone out). Wants advice on picking the moment, and maybe some words of encouragement.


Now this is interesting. Since most guys think about women as those ice queens always being chased by heaps of men. Plus we have no idea how this girl looks like. That's their primary weapon btw. But we all know that doesn't always win the game for them.

I want to point out that everyone is basically the same. We all have hopes, dreams, fears and idiosyncrasies.

So being intimidated by people is not really an option. It's just your mind playing tricks on you if you get intimidated a lot.

Girls are human. They are not some goddesses up above that will bring down the meteors on you if you somehow wrong them. Well, that is true in some cases lol.

Point is, girls cry, laugh, feel bad and get nervous, just like you do. Now your job as a man is to be the grounding energy. Never get nervous more than her. Never feel bad more than her. You are the rock she can lean on.

OK. Great. 

Now let's see how the thread went. Here's my reply :

first and foremost, be confident. your username implies otherwise. we men like to be chased a bit but not too much. cross the line of above normal and you're gonna scare the guy off. we guys can feel it if a girl likes us. on the other hand, just flirt. and be mild about it. that's your way of letting him know. be subtle.

you're thinking too much. you're a woman, do the prep work, whatever women does, ask your trusted friends. let him chase you a bit, we men like a challenge. well that depends of the type of guy he is.

ask him out in a way that is not intrusive and subtle. make sure to smile, like you are expecting that this is going down. you know that look and smile that says "i like you, lead me". like the way wives/girls act when you're having fun on the beach. you're better off acting subtly flirty but not obvious.

take this with a grain of salt. i'm a guy. who happens to be a playboy.
Here, I'm trying to assess her personality to better help her. Now why did my FONT just changed? anyway yeah. She seems to be the average friendly cute girl type.  
Now some other girl jumped in the conversation :
[–]noonewilleverloveyou 0 points 22 hours ago

Yeah, ok, you like being chased, not all men like being chased. My experience is that some men appreciate a direct approach, some don't. At least you r
ecognize that a "challenge" isn't necessarily what all men are after.

My experience is that it just isn't worth playing these sorts of games. That isn't to say there isn't a fine art of flirting and playing coy in some instances, but honestly, I consider those to be advanced dating skills. Given the OP's lack of experience in initiating dating contact, and potential cultural and language misunderstandings in this instance, being direct will probably serve her better.
and I replied :
I agree that being direct could work. YET we have no idea how these two people look like, interact, or what their idiosyncrazies are. (crazies, pun intended)

im helping her out by telling her what works on men ba
sed on my massive experience with girls. in that sense I help her have a greater chance than being so direct. she's a girl for cakes sake. men are turned off by women they aren't attracted to who chase them tirelessly.

Girls who have at least a bit of class always get plus points from us. mind you, im not talking in the context of "superficial" class. I'm talking "behavioral sophistication". very attractive on a girl. On the contrary, girls who are too snobby and bitchy are too much. There's a balance I'm pointing out there.

attraction is the main deciding factor here. or the guys affinity to getting laid.

learning these games ARE mandatory if you want to have an edge over both factions. men and women.

I think anna is the down to earth/girl next door type. She'll do well if she just chill out and talk to him naturally.

I'm not saying she can't say she likes him. she can say whatever she wants -she's confident enough to do that. I'm just reminding her to go about it the right way -(in a statistical context -what works on US men). coz i have been with a LOT of girls. and I KNOW what is really attractive in terms of WOMAN BEHAVIOR. Some of us are not as shallow as you think.

NOW, if she's REALLY pretty or hot/cute enough, she can just go grab his face and make out after a few drinks at the bar. That simple. :D (given the guy has at least a bit of attraction towards her-which in this case, based on what she wrote, there's a good chance they like each other) anna is okay either way. just too nervous. haha
I found this thread interesting and hilarious I thought of sharing it. I left out the other replies.
The important thing to realize here is that if you are challenged at this game of meeting, dealing and dating women, some women are also having a hard time and that may be the woman you are thinking about right now. :)

So yeah, be confident, be the man. And chillax. I want to stress that this is very important, since if you are more nervous than the girl, you can expect that she'll go to the bathroom soon. lol

Alright, that's it. I gtg. Later! :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Teachability Index Will Dictate How Far You Go

Most of us are so set in our ways that for some it is really hard to unlearn stuff. Like the old saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Hmmm, but I beg to differ. I believe in every human being's capacity to consciously override anything in his system. Good habits, bad habits, routine, nervous ticks. Hehe.

But yeah, I truly believe that each and every one of us have that ability. To assume a SUPREME EXECUTIVE role, no excuses, no questions asked. We all have that ability to override our programming. Wether we are young or old. Wether we are rich or poor. We are never at the mercy of social conditioning or programming. That's backwards thinking in my book. Programming is totally under our control. We can reprogram our mental habits, physical habits, eating, even breathing. We are the only life form on earth with that level of executive control. The tunas and salmons migrate unconsciously. But we can choose our actions.

Well, I agree though that not all people are at that level of evolution, because evidently, there are a lot of zombie like humans roaming the world as of this moment. Drones going to work at the same time, everyday, all year round...glued to their tvs, eating cheetos mindlessly. Well, hmm. That tells you something huh.

But then there are the people who are awake. People who take responsibility for their lives. These are the people living AT CAUSE instead of being AT THE EFFECT end.

We have the ability to motivate ourselves, just like when we say to ourselves "focus, self, FOCUS." At some critical moment or something. Or when we want to wake up early for some event. Or refuse the smoke or the alcohol for the night. Point is, We are IN CONTROL.

So if you're being a lazy ass, all I can say is you're just being a bitch. And that is not productive. That won't get you anywhere.

Inspire yourself. (I love hearing myself talk sometimes lol, or write in this case haha)

Yeah that's a bit cocky but, I make sense. And I always follow my own advice.

You see, to succeed with women, all you have to do is muster a massive amount of will.

A decision. A commitment that you will do it. That you will handle this shit once and for all.

That's what I did. And one hell of a ride ensued, and it never stops btw. ;)

Make the commitment. I can't make you, I am just helping you become aware of your old patterns.

We all have to be shaken awake sometimes.

Everything else is up to you. This message must be something, because you read it at this exact moment.

And I know that your journey is about to change. For the better of course.

Believe in yourself man. It always works.

Ok, I better say goodnight to my blog now...I'll leave you with an awesome trance mix I heard earlier today.

Cheerios. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Who do you listen to?

Game on.

This is the very first fresh content on this blog, straight from my neurons and fast fingers. :)

Now my topic is regarding coaches and articles. And the title says it all.

When you want to achieve something, and you don't know anything about going at it, you would seek information right? Of course. If you are smart. Well, I know you are, because you are reading my blog. ;)

I learned about this concept when I was studying something about improving your finances. The guy basically said that if you're learning about something, you should listen to people who have or have done what you are aiming for. Most guys listen to people that take the stage, yet they don't do background checks or a little bit of homework regarding who is giving the talk. He says that that's the very first step - awareness and informed choices regarding whose advice or thinking hat you should try out.

Now, why should you listen to me? I could be just a random blogger with fast fingers or an affinity to write articles for cakes sake. But see, I am confident about my content since I have the experience, and I have gone through the many mazes and permutations of many situations regarding the game. Namely social dynamics and dealing with women. Pretty women that is. To be accurate.

Hmm, let's see. I'm also on facebook right now and I'm gonna grab a few photos of mine for this post.

:)  Ignore my bravado, (i'm just looking at old pics of me having fun with girls)...

This one is back in 2010 I think.

                                    I met this spanish girl at a bar. oh, and I got bangs back then huh. lol
                                                      haha, I was soooo thin back then.

                                                             This was last year I think.
                                                                Another old pic

                                                        Haha last year, much more recent
                                                        more recent than the others

                                               profile pic. haha!

Alright, that settles it. that should help you decide if i'm just messin' around with my content or not.

I lost my smartphone recently so I don't have my most recent pics. (don't expect me to post the more daring pics, that's not my thing to do on the net. hehe) But oh well, I say it's time for more adventures and misadventures then. :) Cheers and stay chill.

And btw, Check this one out. It's very popular right now and it jives with how I do things.



O-k. So the last entry was the last of 'em. I finally finished transferring (basically copying and pasting my recent months' post on my Addictive Natural Dynamics group on Facebook. Ha. Of course I excluded those I did not write, namely, my co-instructor's posts. Maybe I'll include them in the future, but for now, it's all me. Blogger started to ask me if I was a robot lol. Massive amounts of posts for a day. Hmmm. Alright. Get excited now coz my next posts will be FRESH content.

Nimbus Decoded Teaser

Creating a curriculum focused on the secrets of the nimbus sounds like a good idea hmm.

Anyway, yeah. This is just teaser content.

The nimbus is something you can only feel, but cannot see. Only other people can see it.

Point 1, you feel it. And you have an inkling on how people see it. Just an inkling.

On the inverse, other people SEE it, yet only have an inkling on how you exactly feel it.

Very mysterious and very magical.

Hmmm, what else...a few more tips for activation. Nakz.

Nimbus Activation

1. Become closer to you really are - how do you do that? Hmmm ;)
2. Eliminate incongruency - mostly in expression. Inward=Outward
3. Recognize Magnetic Behavior Patterns
In Yourself
4. Secret
5. Secret
6. Secret
7. Secret

Hahaha next time na for now ok na muna yan. Try to understand those three points first.

Extra tips

1. Develop your drive
2. Always have a project going on
3. Develop your strength of character - endure hardships
4. Learn to deal with pain
5. Develop insane amounts of patience

More to come


Outframing - say bye bye to the bs.

So, what is outframing.

Think. You're in a situation right now.
Wether it's a challenge or a satisfactory one, you can always go higher up, and start looking at the big picture.

Ok, say you don't have a girlfriend. And you would like too. Most guys get sad in this situation. If they knew how to outframe it, they'd feel a lot better and think sharper.

So how's it done yo.

Situations within situations.

Just chunk it up. It's up to you as long as it makes sense. Here's a general one.

Situation : guy is lonely. No gf
Chunk it up : guy has family andfriends
Chunk it up : guy has lots of hobbies and things to do, like pick up arts lol
Chunk it up : guy has dreams to pursue and in doing so he will meet the right girl he wants when she presents herself
Chunk it up : the earth is a big place
Chunk it up : the sun will explode in N years it doesn't matter lol
Chunk it up : the galaxy is so big this petty matter is nonsense

Lol, you get the idea. Point is : we are all in situations, and those situations are also inside situations. You are negative or feeling bad because you get caught up in the details. You just see the tress, the bark and the leaves instead of the big forest.

Learn to step out of that "caught up" mode and you will learn to be aware of your own processes. And awareness is always the first step in control.

Chunk it up, bigger picture. Until you understand the whole picture and realize that the small details just look big when they are just an inch close to your eyes.

Simple, yet powerful. Just make sense. The example I gave was quite overextended yet it demonstrates the point.

Extra Tips For Igniting Your Nimbus

(You can pay me royalty later, coz you will be more attractive, guaranteed)

1. Think of something that makes you self-conscious. Then completely ignore it for one day. If you can.
2. Meditate whenever possible.

3. Deep breathing exercises.
4. Face your fears, everyday. At least one a day. Be careful.
5. Read constantly.
6. Watch awesome movies. Awesome is relative. It depends on you.
7. Focus on feeling awesome. Dance, skateboard, listen to your favorite music whatever
8. 10 day positivity challenge
9. Eliminate blaming from your reality
10. Focus on a goal
11. Make the world a better place via your "energy" or "vibe"
12. Associate with people with awesome energies
13. Make yourself laugh. And have fun with other people whenever possible.
14. Stop taking things too seriously. Life is short.
15. Eat fruits
16. Get ample sleep
17. Teach something to someone. Anything
18. Lead a group, help them achieve their goals
19. Take a walk in nature and look far
20. Create an awesomeness journal, constantly remind yourself that everyone's life is a movie that we all create and synergize.

More to come

RSD Tylerdurden's old Late Night Spastic Ramblings Post

Read this and understand.  This is key to the evolution of your perspective. It was for me. :)


A few months ago, in chat with TokyoPUA, the
term “PU lab” was thrown around.
TPUA advised me that I should ANCHOUR the
feeling that the WORLD is my pickup
EXPERIMENT LAB, and that THAT was the key
to getting GOOD. It was funny,
because that was something that I’d done for
a long time, but hadn’t really
been able to devise such a clean way of
articulating it.
Of all the reactions that I get when meeting
people from our internet chat
group, the most common is an utter shock at
how unhesitant I am to try ANYTHING
that I think could be even moderately funny or
useful. For me, trying something
absolutely outrageous is EXCITING, not SCARY.
They say “TD, you are fucking CRAZY”.
Because I live in, and project, my OWN
REALITY. I am INTERNALLY centered, not
EXTERNALLY centered.
Look at the PUA . The guy has been on the
internet for years, but has
barely absorbed one single damned thing that
he didn’t invent himself. Of the
few odd things from others that he DID
absorb, he’s literally 100% CONVINCED
that he made up HIMSELF. Certifiably
DELUSIONAL. And YET, this guy is the
absolute pickup MASTER. Does he piss people
off with that attitude?? YES. But
who gives a fuck??? While everyone else is
moaning and groaning, he’s busy
busting his load on the face the latest covergirl
(s) of Penthouse Magazine, or
whatever flavour of the week it is this time..
So what’s the KEY to seeing the pickup game
CLEARLY??? Existing in YOUR
reality, and not the reality of OTHERS. Only
then can you see things CLEARLY –
make adjustments, calibrate, innovate,
experiment, etc etc etc…
Think back to when the name TylerDurden
FIRST appeared onto this internet chat
board back in late August… People were all in
a fuss, like “who the fuck IS
this guy???” Threads were popping up left and
right, like “how did you get this
good???” FUNNY THING WAS, that I didn’t post
ANYTHING that was ANY better than
what OTHER people were posting. My posts
were AVERAGE at best. There was NO
indication or statements from me that I was
good. But many people ASSUMED
success, because of my utter DISREGARD to
the consequences of what was being
posted. Note this, as most people intuitively
associate people who are
When we’re fucking around on the internet,
my homeboy EDDY and I post DUMB
SHIT, like “WHITE DRAGON”, and “we are THE
SHIT”, and ‘ARGHHHHH”, because we
think its FUNNY to see the dumb-ass
REACTIONS of other people living in OUR
reality. It’s not something that we
that we’re doing. But rather, a CONSEQUENCE
of the MENTALITY that we take with
us EVERYWHERE that we go. It is not
intentional, but the consequence of an
overall ATTITUDE.
But why post my pickup notes onto the
internet in such RAW form??? Why not
adjust them in a way that will garner praise,
like respected posters ( ,
Formhandle, etc)??? It wouldn’t be hard. And
everyone would approve. So why
not, then???
Because for me, its FUNNY to see the
REACTIONS. If all I got was “this is
really great”, and none of the GOOD STUFF,
then I would LOSE MOTIVATION. My
ATTITUDE is carried over into my internet
postings, the same way that it’s
carried over into the REAL external world.
When people post funny shit like “this is just so
outrageously out of line”,
and “I’m so disgusted”, and “I’m so outraged
at your arrogance” onto the
INTERNET, we think its FUNNY SHIT, because
living in OUR REALITY, even through the
guy like Nerve1, for a recent example, that’s
why he has to spend ALL DAY in
discussions with Paps (a real life friend) about
finding me (an internet
text-projection on his computer monitor) and
hurting me, and devoting his REAL
LIFE time, sending some guy on the internet
LENGTHY implied threat emails..
It’s not because I’m legitimately worth his
TIME. Nor is “saving ASF”. It’s
because UNTIL he does, he can NEVER get his
fragile reality back. He is ENEMY
CENTERED, and his existence is MAGGOT
RIDDEN SHIT until he gets that EXTERNAL
validation. And until he can let that go, and
find himself internally, he is
forever my BITCH.
For that reason I DEDICATE this latest material
- COCKY as ever so as to remain
true to expected form - to my BIGGEST FAN of
all time, NERVE1, who I can only
to my posts with his grumblings, and
thus provide me with some brief diversionary
Because to the PUA firmly planted in his own
reality, the shit-talking cocky
posts will seem FUNNY.. “That guy sure talks
alot of shit.. What a joker.. He
seems like a fucking CHARACTER.. I’d love to
hookup with that guy and wing some
shit.. see what he’s really got”.. They see if for
what it is truly worth –
JACKSHIT. Just some dudes clowning
around…. While to the unsuccessful and
frustrated PUA, the posts will seem “atrocious”
and “arrogant”. They will
become ANGERED and OUTRAGED at way that
is REMINDS them of their own
shortcomings, and their INABILITY to assert
their OWN REALITY. The successful
PUA has not the TIME nor ENERGY to do
anything other than laugh and sift out
anything useful, while the unsuccessful PUA
has all too much time, to DWELL,
and be REMINDED. The unsuccessful PUA is
limited TIME and ENERGY fighting a battle that
exists only in their own mind –
all over the internet. Such is also the case with
Ray Gordon.
Such people are like the lobbyists who get
pissed off at EMINEM. They are not
ABLE to see the HUMOUR in it, because their
reality is so FRAGILE. And when
Eminem comes back with “I am whatever you
say I am” – adapting through
escalating and enhancing the behaviour for
which he’s criticized, the lobbyists
are POWERLESS to put a stop to it.
result, because despite his very
average looks, he is INCORRIGIBLY internally
And many of you will walk away having read
this, INSPIRED, thinking that you
can ACQUIRE or INTERNALIZE this reality-
asserting internally-centered mentality
into your essence.. However, this is both
You cannot INTERNALIZE this attitude,
because it’s something that is ALREADY
WITHIN YOU. It’s something that is STIFLED
and CONFINED by your PRIDE and your
PERSONA. In order to get IN TOUCH with that
which is WITHIN YOU ALREADY, you
need to L-E-T == G-O of your ARTIFICIAL
PERSONA that you have CREATED, and get
to the true ESSENCE of what you are.
You cannot ACQUIRE this way of thinking. You
can only LET GO of that which
WHY the name TYLERDURDEN?? Is it because I
want to think that I’m Brad Pitt???
NO. When I saw the movie “Fight Club”, I was
“GOT IT”. I realized that you have to LET GO of
those things that are CONFINING
you, in order to assert your OWN reality.
MESSAGE of the movie. See BEYOND its
pop-culture flavour, and the cool shit that
happens in the movie, and look at
PUA COMMANDER ZAP was asked “what do you
do when a chick gives you a sarcastic
compliment?” He answered that you should
STOP ANALYZING what it meant, and
EXPLOIT the opener that the chick has
provided. I read that, and I SNAPPED
GO of my FALSE PRIDE, and finally
come to a mental place where I could
OBJECTIVELY analyze and understand the
process of pickup. SO MANY TIMES I’d reacted
to potentially sarcastic
compliments by snubbing the chick, because I
felt that I had to RETAIN my
persona. What Commander Zap was
suggesting, was to LET GO of that persona,
become TRULY disassociated with the social-
layer that I’d created for myself.
To IGNORE the possibility that the compliment
was sarcastic, and to focus ONLY
on the OBJECTIVE GOAL. What he suggested,
was to become a TRUE PUA.
To LET GO of that social-persona that MUDDIES
your perception of what is GOING
ON during a pickup, is to come as close to
OMNISCIENCE as you get in the
It is the only way to GET GOOD, because it is
the only state in which you will
be FREE to focus critically on what is
IMPORTANT during the pickup.
To STOP BELIEVING that the RESULT of the
pickup experiment is a reflection of
YOU as a PERSON, and to REALIZE that it is
simply the reflection of the
EXPERIMENT. To believe that there is NO
CORRELATION between your
personal-worth, and your GAME.
It is only THEN, that you can TRULY
UNDERSTAND what is going on. ONLY THEN,
you actually SUCCUMB to the GENIUS that
BURIED within you.
When you get to that point, when you don’t
feel the SLIGHTEST nerves during a
pickup. Your brain REVELS in the PROCESS of
KNOWLEDGE that you have acquired in your
study of pickup. Your brain CYCLES the
possible solution to every obstacle that you are
faced with NO REGARD to the
consequences that it will bear on your
Your brain REVELS in the ELECTRICITY of the
PROCESS. If arousal occurs, its
because its part of what you know WORKS,
and that the projection of your sexual
state is OBJECTIVELY what you KNOW will work
to attract. The sex becomes
nothing more than the VALIDATION of your
excellence. A FRINGE BENEFIT, that is
a PATHETIC SHADOW of the fact that your very
CONNECTION that you have with your true
CORE-SELF. And later, as you enjoy the
sex with this new person, you give into the
part of you as well.
THAT is the ADDICTION that is pickup. The
SATURATION of your conscious self,
into your purest ESSENCE.
Not FEEDING the fake PERSONA that you’ve
created as a self-defense from the
external world.
The connection that is established, between
yourself and your surroundings. The
FEELING that you get, when you can undergo
the process of pickup, and NOT CARE
about the outcome of the EXPERIMENT. It
REMINDS you of how far you’ve come in
your personal development – and the feeling is
LIBERATING, in a similar way to
The tactics and techniques are only there to
IT. They MODEL and FAKE the sorts of things
that the purely CHARISMATIC people
would say NATURALLY.
Because it is the ability to WALK AWAY from
ANY chick, that is ULTIMATELY
Tactics such as NEGS are meant to MODEL the
individual who is master of their
reality, because they CONVEY such
characteristics. NEGS are “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU
MAKE IT” tactics.
This is why the PUA becomes infuriated with
the over-analysis that we
ASFers participate in. He cannot GRASP why
people would focus on something that
is NOT natural. He makes the analogy of a
vitamin pill not being a supplement
for a REAL fruit, because the NATURAL
properties are not carried over into the
pill. He strives to get in touch with that
NATURAL essence that we all have, by
TAPPING our NATURAL sexual state, and
projecting it. He advocates WILLPOWER.
Get IN TOUCH with your natural essence, and
those techniques that are necessary
for pickup will happen naturally, on their own.
Perhaps and I advocate the SAME. Perhaps we
only differ in our
SAME eventual goal. We advocate different
advocates WILLPOWER. I advocate learning to
fake success with techniques, and getting
experience under your belt, until you
can NATURALLY do what needs to be done
TokyoPUA endeavours to SUM UP so succinctly
when he tells us to ANCHOUR the idea that the
people who are EXAMPLES. Look at EDDY. Look
at . Look at TWENTYSIX.
When EDDY posts “ARGHHHHH”, WHY is it
FUNNY to him???
When peacocks himself to the point of SHEER
purpose??? WHAT does such EXTREME
peacocking CONVEY???
When TWENTYSIX puts out a site called, WHAT is the humour in
it for him??? LOOK at the site. What is it about
that site that is FUNNY???
These are the MANIFESTATIONS of people who
because as you delve deeper into the site, you
journey DEEPER and DEEPER into a
reality NOT YOUR OWN. For people whose
reality is easily PLUCKED from them,
they will be APPALED by the site. They will
condemn it as attention-getting
TRASH, and SNEER at it. But for people who
are FIRMLY in their OWN reality,
they will REVEL in the JOURNEY that
Twentysix’ pure unmediated INSANITY brings
them on. As you read more and more, and
listen, and watch, you become SATURATED
in Twentysix’s BIZARRE REALITY. It isn’t the
weird humour that is the draw of
the site. It’s the JOURNEY that it takes you on.
The confrontation of the sheer
ABSURDITY. For those SECURE in their own
reality, there is no FEAR that they
won’t be able to find their way back to their
own place. They can APPRECIATE
the site. But for those people whose minds are
so easily TAMPERED with, whose
realities are so easily OVERTAKEN, the site is
condemned as TRASH.
Twentysix KNOWS that people will react a
certain way. Eddy KNOWS that people
will wonder WTF he’s doing when he says
ARGHHHH non-stop. KNOWS that
people will react in bizarre ways when he
peacocks. These are CELEBRATIONS of
fucked up reactions, the
judgements, and the social consequences, is
their CONSTANT REMINDER of their
own ASSERTION that they alone EXIST. They
constraints, and TRANSCEND them. Because
every time that an external agent
reacts negatively to their actions, and they are
reminded that they DO NOT
CARE, they experience the RUSH of the
social constraints. They are thus both FEARED
RESEARCH and DISCOVER great men like the
CHURCHILL and John F Kennedy. See how they
were universally FEARED and ADMIRED,
even by those who hold absolute disdain
towards their actual policies and
ideas. How did women react to Pierre
Trudeau??? Look at his pictures, and
imagine him as SHY and INTROVERTED. Would
he still BE Pierre Trudeau??? Would
he still be one of the historically greatest PUAs
that ever lived???
pickup techniques, or focus on HIS OWN
REALITY, and have women as one of the
people, and of particular interest
in this forum – to WOMEN.
This is WHY has ceased focusing on developing
-based approaches. Because
we strive to ATTRACT women with the
INTENSITY of the JOURNEY that we give her,
into OUR reality.
And during that journey, she becomes so
with the reality that you project upon her. She
may begin by asking “what’s
your name?”, and does EVERYTHING in her
power to FIND OUT if she can CONNECT.
But we don’t give it away so EASILY. We make
her WORK. And it UNRAVELS in front
of her, as she is lead to believe that she has
EARNED it. And that which she
has so strenuously EARNED, she does NOT
I watch, in amazement, as enters the room.
The crowd’s attention
shifts. People are alarmed.. intrigued..
fascinated.. angered....
They can NOT snub him as he approaches,
because they must FIND OUT -----> WHO –
IS – THIS – GUY - ???

What is Game? Really?

Most of what makes game is the lack of insecurity. If you can remove all those filters, you're ready to fly.

Everything Is Just Practice For The Real Show/The Truth About Success With Women

Think about it again. Everything is just practice for the real show. What the hell does that mean?


Gruen here from addictive natural dynamics...what's up. (Ay hindi pala video blog to) hehe

Ooook. Back on topic.

What does it mean to be successful with women?

Does it mean...

Having threesomes?
Multiple girlfriends?
Lots of ONS?
Quality girlfriend?

What else...hmmm...

A harem?

Nope. None of it.

Those are all the DOING part.

It's about BEING. Back at it again. Ha.

Being a guy that embodies all the qualities that attract women.

Leadership. Dominance. Bravery. Decisiveness. Determination. Calmness.

You got it all wrong from the start didn't you?

Those are just the symptoms of the way of being. You don't actually do anything when you just are. And like magic, you attain success.

It's not about them.

It has and will always start with with YOU.

It's about you.

Everything you are getting are just feedback from the way that you are.

What does this all mean to you now?

Now you know where to focus your attention.

Yourself, your life, your goals, values and aspirations. That's simply it.

If you make it about the women you will not attain the depth of success experienced only by a few men on earth. Your success is just superficial if you disregard this.

Having said all that, let me clear this up.

Success doesn't happen overnight.

Every failure, shit test, heartbreak, breakup and sad night you experience,

That's just practice.

Practice for the real show.

Preparing you for the real game for when you meet the right woman for you. The girl you really want.

That's what it really means.

Every action you take leads you to a direction. It's up to you to guide the direction and not the action.

Lead yourself. It doesn't matter what you're goind through as long as the direction you are going is where you want to be.

Everything is just practice for the real show.

There's never gonna be a day where you say, "alright, I'm the master now. I have the harem of tens feeding me grapes on the purple bed." It's a lifelong process of becoming.

You have your whole life to get good at this.
Don't stress. Relax, enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the good and the bad. That's how you really succeed. Not like you just read mystery method and go out one night and you're the man. The master.

Champions are men of patience, bravery and determination. They are called champions because they went through the hard stuff like everyone else, yet emerged victorious in the end. While everyone gave up and watched tv or whatever. (Hypothetically speaking).

So, expect the good stuff when you behave like a champ, continuously.

Don't expect anything when you aren't like a champ. Like a chode.

This post is one simple kick in the ass.

To remind all of us.

That being a champion is easy, once you decide that you're gonna be one.

Becoming a Man of Action

We all have limited energy, time and resources.

We all need to rest.

But here's my message.

If you're gonna do something, go all out and DO IT.

That's one of the keys of progressing.

Doesn't matter what circumstance you are on right now, just fucking do it.

Like mike. Like nike.

If you become a man of that calibre, where like mike, you want to put that shot and you start to run and be like a juggernaut then that's it.

You're all set.

Most guys just don't have the energy.

Nor the mental strength or temperance to keep at it or keep going.

Well bro, if you don't have the energy or the resources, find a way.

You can do this stuff.

Believe it.

Like in any other field we aspire to become, YOU CAN.

Now start sparking up your own engine and assimilate into your heart nike's advice.

Effortlessness - Addictive Natural Dynamics Style

Anybody can be cool. It takes practice to be awesome. So the meme says.

Well, nothing serious, I just thought or it's relevance and non-relevance.

I thought of posting this since pao-x evolve mentioned it some time ago (zen of icy). I prefer that word. And this might help guys that are currently struggling.

The most important thing you must understand about this is simple.


No sweat.

What's that mean bro. It simply means zero trying. You never TRY.

It just arises from out of you.

You just express whatever it is.

You see when people try to impress, when they try to make an impression, it works against them and totally misses the point.

So how do you achieve effortlessness.

Simple. Mastery.

If you are so at ease with what you're doing, it's got that slickness about it.

There is no try. At all.

You don't care. You don't think. You just do.

You just produce. You just BE. You just flow.

It's like a side of yourself that has been supressed. And it is mostly supressed my a lot of "thinking" "analyzing" and "stressing".

Just let go. Relax, and allow yourself to FLOW.

Like water.

You will start to access that "mastery" part of your brain and it will come in droves.

Now, don't expect to operate from that state when you don't even have the DISCIPLINE to do stuff. To challenge yourself. To challenge the norm.

If you are lazy, even in just readinga book or focusing your attention, this will be so out of your grasp.

Start being in that mode where you allow yourself to make it.

It's simple yet paradoxical.

Whatever it is you do, learn the art of letting go.

This cannot be communicated in words. It must be seen. It must be felt.

It must be recognized.

And that's what we are helping you guys see.

Just relax, allow yourself to chill out and let the chips fall where they may.

Cheers. Keep it rockin.

On Not Giving a Fuck

It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

What does not giving a fuck really mean?

In the field, I see guys TRY not to give a fuck. They TRY to approach and TRY to battle humiliation.

Some of them yell and say "raaaaahhhhh! Let's do this shit!!!!"

And some of them just act obnoxious just to get attention.

No bro. That's not what it is.

It's not some state of excitement or intensity.

It's more like a letting go.

Imagine jumping outside an airplane and you feel nothing but peace.

That's what it is. You let go of the ego.

You let go of your insecurities, your internal dialogue and whatever bullshit you might have in your head.

It's more like a relaxation of the mind. And the body.

Once you get this. To continually inhabit the indifference threshold, you start to become real.

You start to emanate value. You become addictive.

But it's easier said than done ain't it?

Just keep going out, keep facing your fears.

You will learn to thread the PATH OF BALANCE.

Imagine a guy who doesn't give a fuck and he is going crazy like guns blazing "arrrrrrghhhh! Fuck everyone!"

And imagine a guy smiling silently to himself, completely in control. Without malice, without plans, without bullshit.

That's what it is. You can only have it once you understand the paradox of reality and experience.

Then everything starts to become easy for you.

Assertiveness, Boundaries, Respect and Diplomacy

What do women call guys that they can easily play, manipulate or disrespected?

Yep. That's right. Doormats.

You wouldn't want to be trampled on right?

Here's one thing you should notice.

ALL the guys that are good with women,

They don't take shit from anybody.

Of course this doesn't mean that you create all out wars left and right just because somebody "kalings" your ears. :D

We call it enforcing boundaries.

Never let women disrespect you. Ever. And anyone for that matter.

Of course you should know that you are on the right position. And you should also learn diplomacy.

Thing is people, especially women, test your boundaries. To find out how much you will let them get away with something.

Enforcing boundaries is simply showing them a line. That they should respect.

The world works on mutual respect. Businesmen know that. Rappers know that.

Even The Mafia respects respect.

So that's basically it, learn to set, enforce and defend boundaries. That's just part of being a man.

If I were PNOY for example, I would send a n enough fleet of military ships on our islands just for standby but stay diplomatic.
Or even just in the negotiations, you would opt for more FIRMNESS and STRENGTH than let china push you around. Hehe

A funny example yet demonstrates the matter of boundaries, respect and diplomacy.

When dealing with women and people and general, know when to be assertive.

And never forget calibration.

Pattern Recognition

Human interaction is always happening. Now in these vast occurrences, patterns emerge.

Our brains are comparable to massive gigazillion bytes of hard drives. One can wonder where our memories are stored.

Now if you put massive amounts of data into your brain, it will start recognizing all the patterns and you will be massively effective. Get out there, open all kinds of sets in all kinds of situations. Then your brain will take care of developing your "spidey sense", along with your natural transformation.

Like neo, you will be able to see the "code" of interactions and you will know instantly what to do in that moment. It will come to you. You will feel it. That is how advanced guys work in the field.

That's why you see seemingly impossible feats are done like early kissclosing or early pull or nimbus demonstration like all girls are looking at you.

Massive amounts of data. You don't have to be conscious of it all. Just jam it in. Order in bulk. Jam-packed experiences.

And you will be sharp as a samurai.

The Art of Being Normal

We all have different realities.

One person's reality will jive with yours while with another, you may find it weird just because they are japanese.

Humans are diverse creatures. Albeit all the same. Nonetheless, we differ in culture, mindsets, family values, environment influence, psychology and experience even the books we have read.

This is why we have something called,

"Culture Shock".

When you go to a club, you see and meet all kinds of people. Each person has a different experience of the world going on.

Nothing is ever the same for two people in the same place.

Knowing this, we also take regard of people's individual idiosyncrazies.

I may like chess, you may like xbox.

Now as we pursue each of our interests, we become engaged and immeresed in them.

Thus experience reality a little bit differently.

Always remember the word SUBJECTIVITY and along with that, OBJECTIVITY.

When you are interacting with women, some guys blurt out things completely out of context. I've seen this. This is what we call, miscalibration.

Being normal around women comes from the understanding that we all have different worlds, yet we have rules of interaction and we all relate to each other in some way.

Being normal means you don't act differently from how you normally act.

I see guys transform when they open a set.

Just be who you are. Naturally.

However, remember our principle of "transformation."

If you are a weirdo who spends life in a basement then goes out to the night to go on a pick up adventure, that's not gonna cut it. You have to transform into a guy that doesn't depend on his environment for who he is.

Re the example above, think about it. I'm a hacker. I can spend nights focused on a computer with an internet connection for long periods of time and go on an online adventure. Yet it doesn't affect my ability to be normal. Why? Because I know who I am.

And my behaviors are all balanced.

Look at the geeks in japan for example, they have a term for it. "Otacon"? yata.

What they do is they spend all day all night dealing with anime etc. And that is their identity. And it confines them. A bit weird unless he knows how to be normal.

If you're gonna be a social cool person, you have to round yourself out.

Get the experiences. The reference experiences so you know how the world really works. And then you can go back playing that computer game anytime.

Once you "get it.

Just be normal. It will take you far in this journey.

Being Aware of How You Affect Others Emotionally

Emotional acuity. That's what we call it.

Emotional responsiveness and sensitivity.

You know what mouse sensitivity is right?

It's very comparable to that. If your mouse setting has a high sensitivity, it responds even with minute movement. If it has a low sensitivity, you need to draaaaag the mouse to move the cursor.

When you approach, two things happen.

The girl/girls react to the approach.

And they look at how you react to their reaction.

Now, chodes have very little emotional acuity. If the girl makes a face of disgust, the guy should immediately respond accordingly.

What does that mean? He must do better than what he is doing. Have a higher sensitivity to what's needed in the interaction.

Like, we train guys to be persistent. But there are guys who just won't quit because they have no emotional sensitivity. They keep on pestering the girl. Some guys get into trouble because of this.

Always be aware of how you are affecting them in the interaction.

If they feel intimidated for example, loosen up a bit. If you see they are shy, make them laugh. If they are peeved, politely excuse yourself or lighten them up just one more time.

Instead of just focusing on delivering your opener or dhv. (Lol)

Seeing other guys in the field, I see this missing from a lot of them. That's why they get unsatisfactory results. They don't even know how to deal with a raised eyebrow. Thus the loss of confidence.

Once you know that you can deal with anything a woman throws at you, you can become confident in any interaction.

How do you get that? Sharpen your emotional sensitivity. :)

That's why being in the moment HELPS YOU. If you are inside your head, you won't even see what they're giving out in response.

Start being aware of this and you will learn to lead the the flow and the vibe of the interaction.


The Game Is All About Reference Experiences

(Dammit I just erased a whole post, typing again haha)
Alright. If you've had the same experiences that I've had, you would be posting this same stuff right now. It is all about EVIDENCE. If your brain sees that this is possible for you over by providing it with the experiences to draw calculations from, then IT WILL BE TOTALLY POSSIBLE. Provide your brain with massive evidence. That's all it is. Once you brain is convinced, you are now CERTAIN. It's like doing something over and over again and being sure of it that you know that you can do it again. Anytime. It becomes an understanding, instead of just beliefs. MASSIVE REFERENCES. It will add up over time and it will become nuclear. You will KNOW that this is possible and it will start becoming NORMAL and MUNDANE to you. You will be surprised that people are amazed while you just think that it's normal. Our brains like to EAT these references. Provide it and it will do the job for you. There will be no more question in your head. The once impossible will now be possible for YOU.

Keeping The Student Frame - The Mark Of The Master

I am also a student. A student of success in this field.

A student of life.

I do not say I have all the answers. I just got in earlier. So to speak.

This is one the best mindsets to have in any field that even if you master it, you keep on learning.

Ego gets in the way most of the time. The effect is self evident.

If you keep the student frame, your learning is continuous and you might even surpass the "masters".

You will wear your mastery with ease and that inner humility will be on your side.

You might appear cocky on the outside but that Is just a symptom of your skill.

The magic is in your inner world. The world of the eternal learner.

Our Comfort Zone Is The Enemy

Women react to you because of VALUE.

Ok, let's clear that up. Value is NOT what amanda says. Although it's pointing to the target. But value is different from money.

Value is capability. And a lot more.

Now what does this have to do with "comfort zone".

Ok, the reason girls cheat is because the guy becomes complacent. He becomes comfortable. He
doesn't challenge himself anymore. He is content
with staying in a routine or comfortable way.

Just like the millions of people content in the
routines of their lives day after day. They have
become accustomed to it and stayed in it.

Point is, in order for us to progress, we must
constantly challenge ourselves.

If I play with my chess computer program at the
"easy" level for example and never change the
setting, my skill will stay the same.

Time to move up. Do a harder challenge. Expose
myself to the possibility of failure.

That's the only way to grow and keep improving.
That's the only way to keep progressing.

Do harder and harder challenges. Hotter girls,
hotter venues, hotter business.

In this way, you stay challenged and living on the edge.

You stay out of your comfort zone.

You continue to cultivate value in you.

If you never stop, you keep on going in the right

You stay alpha.

Never run away from bad emotions. Expose
yourself to them.

You will get stronger and stronger.


The elusive mysterious quality.

Where does it really come from? People have said that it is a gift from the heavens.

So, how do you cultivate your charisma?

The nimbus is charisma.

It is something you cannot pinpoint yet you know it is there.

Girls say "there's something about you."

Tupac shakur, Ronald Reagan, JFK, Winston Churchill, Jlaix, Madonna...

These people are charismatic people.

They captivate. They allure. They mystify.

What is the key to their magic?


When these people talk, they operate on a purely internal level.

People LISTEN. The self is always coming through with them. Their communication is HONEST.

Congruence. Everything they do lines up.

There is no inner conflict. There is no pretension. There is no anxiety. There is no evidence of manipulation.

Just pure expression.

They shine with a light SO HONEST that it inspires awe.

You can BE the same. You just have to bring it out from within.

First step is to eliminate any BS running through your head. If it's not HONEST, drop it.

Like, when you say "I can't approach that girl." Or "It's not my fault." That's dishonest. Eliminate dishonesty.

Eliminate the ego by being aware of it.

The ego is the biggest block to charisma.

Let go of it and the Light inside you starts to SHINE.

The Pogi Points Myth (Attractive Score Points)

You play the guitar? Pogi points bro.

You have a nice car? Pogi points ulit.

Gwapo ka? Pogi points however redundant.

Dami ka cash? Syet pogi poinnnts.

Now I ask you, how does this attract the women you meet?

I'm not here to lie to you guys and tell you everything's pretty and shove rainbows and sunshines up your ass.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH.

What's the role of pogi points in attraction?

Here's the truth.



Since we were kids, we were taught to CHASE these things, so we can have the girl we want. Well, as you prolly already know, that programming is nothing but a fairy tale.

Looks and money opens doors and opportunities. That's all they do.

But talking to women opens a lot more doors. IF, if you know what you're doing.

Or BEING, so to speak.

These factors are so conditioned into the mass population it's not even funny.

Say a guy goes to a mall, he's fairly good looking, and has 50k in his possession.

Then I go in the mall to eat and I only have 1k.

Now we see a girl WE like.

How is his 50k gonna help him?

How is MY 1k gonna help me?

Again my brethren, zero factor whatsoever.

Let's make the story even more complicated. The other guy looks like some matinee idol. He's fairly confident and cool.

Now I'm the one who talks to the girl and I'm being funny, sharp and playful. I kino her and then number close. Then I invite her to the club for the weekend.

Who gets the girl then?

Same scenario in clubs. A guy parks his effin PORSCHE and goes in. Now we both walk in. I claw and kiss close the girl we're both looking at. While he drinks at the bar.

Who gets the girl then.

Can he bring his porsche inside or even OPEN her with "hey I have a porsche, it's outside". LOL man.

Unless he's doing it for fun it may work.

But, in reality girls will just laugh at him for opening with THAT.

You see what I'm getting at?

You have been fed a lot of conditioning since you were a kid.
These things are on the superficial level and they are a strategy of logic. As we all know girls are NOT logical, they are emotional.

So if it's not looks or money then what is the secret?

That's another subject my brethren and I have a cutting edge explanation. Might tell it to you when we meet someday. ;)

Let's say confidence. Fine. But there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.


Signature Humor

All of us have our own individual brand of humor.

In my case, I'm sometimes sarcastic, witty but mostly playful.

The important thing is you enjoy making yourself laugh. This in turn draws the girl/s to your reality and find it funny.

Plus the laughing dynamic is infectious. You continue to give value by being self-amusing and humorous.

The point is you should bring out YOUR OWN NATURAL sense of humor instead os saying things that you THINK she will find funny.

If it makes YOU laugh, that's simply it. It's your own brand.

Bring that out when interacting with women, in the field or wherever else.

It's authentic, attractive and unreactive.

Most guys try to spout routines or jokes that is not even jiving with THEM. Just to make women laugh.

Learn to entertain yourself and that is infinitely more attractive than anything else, ie, reaction seeking.

Bringing out your own flavor of humor is in NO WAY reaction seeking. It is expressive, value giving because it's coming from you, and ultimately authentic.

You are giving instead of seeking.

It's your signature. Be proud of it. Express what you find funny for yourself and watch them giggle at you being happy about it instead of the joke/funny anecdote itself.

Vocal Projection is An Asset Skill

I constantly rip on joseph on this since he has a mild mannered voice. Hehe

This will usually fix most guys problems.

A guy opens and the girls can't even hear him, well whaddaya expect? Blown out.

The club is a big noisy place. You can train your voice to cut through the noise and bass. It's important that the girls can hear you.

Of course this needs to be coupled with calibration. You don't want to be talking too loud all the time, there is a time for everything. You can even open like joseph and have it go through. Like "whispering" hehe. I open usually very mildly. But when it's loud I can even startle a group of dancing girls.

You don't wanna shout on day game of course lol. Just the right amount. Be heard, be confident.

The point of this principle is that most guys are shy and can't even speak clearly when talking to women. Learn to use your voice and be heard.

Yet another simple tweak and see how many guys don't realize it.

Being in Your Own Reality

Remember your last girlfriend. What happens when it begins to be all about her?

Right. It doesn't matter what the answer is, I'm just sure you won't like it.

So what does this principle mean?

You have your own interpretation of the world. Your own experiences, your own tastes, likes, dislikes, values and beliefs.

Being with other people requires interaction and understanding that other people have their own realities too. Learn to respect that and yet learn to hold your own.

Trust in your own eyes. Your own experience. And navigate well from there.

This principle simply means that YOU are the hero in your story. Not her or that girl.
Or that model girl, nor lady gaga.

Once you understand that, you begin to live in your own reality.


Alright, I'm at home and chillaxin instead of the usual night out. Might as well drop a cool article of knowledge for you guys.

Most principles are a bit obvious yet most people don't see them or implement them.
One important thing to really internalize is being a generally positive person.

Are you expecting to be mega successful with women or with life by being a cynic? (Pun intended). Of course not. Unless you're a goth or something. :D

Positivity is an indicator of mental strength & resourcefulness. A quality that women respond to. If a guy is a good people person, I can easily say that he will be easily successful with women.

Nobody likes a cynic. We can all play devil's advocate and that is good sometimes but overall, being positive at least generally is a great great quality and will only add to your attractiveness.

You will be happier, more fun to be around and value giving. This also affects your results. It is the main indicator of future success in this area. Some guys go out and only remember the bad approaches. The guys who get better are the ones who focus on the positives of the night.

It doesn't mean that you're like "la-di-da I'm in disneyland" positive, it's just a good general outlook on life, yourself and other people, including women.

The game is basically a big self-fulfilling prophecy and being positive only puts you on a winning position.

Another simple concept yet when we start digging, many guys notice that this quality is lackluster in them.

Turn that vibe on. Enjoy the good things and deal with the bad with an unrelenting proactive outlook.

You will be surprised at what this can do to you and your results.