Monday, October 22, 2012

Group Think/Consensus Reality

Reality is in flux. It is always changing.

The moment is the true measurement of what's true. That moment where it's happening.

Even if 90% of the world thinks you attract women by money and looks, it is not accurate.

It is Group Think.

Now, it's kind of ironic since we have this group.

However, this is a special group. We are urging you to use your own damn heads while studying these concepts. We are still human and we understand the principle of :

The Map Is Not The Territory

The only way you can verify that you are correct is if you are producing the results you want. If not you better notice now that your map of reality, your understanding of reality is not accurate or flawed.

Trust in your faculties.

But If you are at the point where you cannot feel the sureness of your inferences, do not trust in your faculties.

It's ultimately up to you.

You see most people 'ping'. They want to 'make sure'. I post a concept and they still rely on group think. Pinging for what others find it to be.

Use your own mind to understand it and evolve it as you see fit. Stop pinging so much.

Basically the message of this concept is : you have mind of your own. Do not blindly follow anything, even these concepts.

Only follow what ultimately makes sense to you. Leave others out of it since they are doing the same thing. You do not have to impose your frame and you do not have to take everyone's frame.

Evolve your own frame.

Surround yourself with people who challenge your ideas to strengthen this muscle.

You must make the choice to stop relying on group think and be at peace with yourself.

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