Monday, October 22, 2012


Alright, I'm at home and chillaxin instead of the usual night out. Might as well drop a cool article of knowledge for you guys.

Most principles are a bit obvious yet most people don't see them or implement them.
One important thing to really internalize is being a generally positive person.

Are you expecting to be mega successful with women or with life by being a cynic? (Pun intended). Of course not. Unless you're a goth or something. :D

Positivity is an indicator of mental strength & resourcefulness. A quality that women respond to. If a guy is a good people person, I can easily say that he will be easily successful with women.

Nobody likes a cynic. We can all play devil's advocate and that is good sometimes but overall, being positive at least generally is a great great quality and will only add to your attractiveness.

You will be happier, more fun to be around and value giving. This also affects your results. It is the main indicator of future success in this area. Some guys go out and only remember the bad approaches. The guys who get better are the ones who focus on the positives of the night.

It doesn't mean that you're like "la-di-da I'm in disneyland" positive, it's just a good general outlook on life, yourself and other people, including women.

The game is basically a big self-fulfilling prophecy and being positive only puts you on a winning position.

Another simple concept yet when we start digging, many guys notice that this quality is lackluster in them.

Turn that vibe on. Enjoy the good things and deal with the bad with an unrelenting proactive outlook.

You will be surprised at what this can do to you and your results.

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