Monday, October 22, 2012


The elusive mysterious quality.

Where does it really come from? People have said that it is a gift from the heavens.

So, how do you cultivate your charisma?

The nimbus is charisma.

It is something you cannot pinpoint yet you know it is there.

Girls say "there's something about you."

Tupac shakur, Ronald Reagan, JFK, Winston Churchill, Jlaix, Madonna...

These people are charismatic people.

They captivate. They allure. They mystify.

What is the key to their magic?


When these people talk, they operate on a purely internal level.

People LISTEN. The self is always coming through with them. Their communication is HONEST.

Congruence. Everything they do lines up.

There is no inner conflict. There is no pretension. There is no anxiety. There is no evidence of manipulation.

Just pure expression.

They shine with a light SO HONEST that it inspires awe.

You can BE the same. You just have to bring it out from within.

First step is to eliminate any BS running through your head. If it's not HONEST, drop it.

Like, when you say "I can't approach that girl." Or "It's not my fault." That's dishonest. Eliminate dishonesty.

Eliminate the ego by being aware of it.

The ego is the biggest block to charisma.

Let go of it and the Light inside you starts to SHINE.


  1. Well You are right at some extent about charisma but what i believe is that everyone does not contain this blessing so if someone don't have this ability cannot even create bring it self outside because it does not contain anywhere in that person!

  2. Well, for me personally, I think anyone can develop it. Or at least increase it to a nice level. Some people just have it naturally and amazingly.