Monday, October 22, 2012

Sticking to Your Sets

Yep. It's simple. Most guys eject a few minutes after opening to save themselves the hassle of further issues that may come up.

You'll never get good if all you know is to open. You must stay in set for as long as you can.

Stick to it. Activate the spiderman in you.
From there you'll see all the intricacies and mechanics of initial to fast rapport interaction.

The next time you open, stay there for as long as you can cause them to stay.

This is the start of your getting better if you consistently do this. Most guys are satisfied with opening and having a response. And feel good about it. They are afraid of risking the possibility of a shit test or a complication. Be brave and face the unknown. You will learn a damn lot more than when you just open and say bye.

This is a simple fix, yet most don't see the power of this principle.

Activate your inner spider man and stick to it. You'll see magic start happening.

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