Monday, October 22, 2012

Strong Reality-Strong Frame


I claw her as I open. I attempt to kiss her as she puts her face near mine after 5 minutes.

I approach the hottest girl in the club.

I hold her wrist and pull her outside.

Everything I do, I totally believe in it.

There is weight in your actions. There is quality. There is conviction. There is belief.

When you approach with an unbreakable frame, it will always work.

It is subtle. It doesn't mean you are making it strong or you are making yourself believe it.

It is not a belief anymore but an UNDERSTANDING.

A strong frame warps reality.

Kissing a girl after meeting her within 5 minutes is NOT in the reality of most people. Nor pulling the same night.

They think it's impossible.
"Nah, not possible."

They don't realize that what they are adamant about is what they will create.

What is true for you is true for you. That's the nature of reality.

If your reality is strong, it means wherever you go, you are always in the process of making that reality happen without effort.

Without thought and without stress.

It means you have through all the intricacies of that reality and you don't just psych yourself up that it is.

There is simply no question that it is real for you.

It's your reality. It's an understanding. It's a part of your everyday life.

Once a belief has become an understanding, it will be a different thing. It will be an unbreakable cause in your life.

So how do you develop a strong reality?

The same way you understood how to ride a bike. You didn't believe it that you could do it at first. Then you tried. Failed. Then you started rolling. Then you wobbled. Then you believed. Then you understood it. And now you can do it without thinking.

When you are approaching for example and you are anxious, and fearful, it only means that it is normal for you yet. It is not a part of your reality.

If you approach totally chill and sure of it, you have a strong frame of reality. Because you already understand it and not just believe in it.

That's works the same for anything you do.

So the question is "is it a part of your reality yet?"

If not, immerse yourself in it until you understand it.

If your reality is you always get cute girlfriends, then of course captain obvious, it will happen to you repeatedly.
Why? It's a strong ass reality already.

It's your reality and there is no question anymore.

You only stop questioning when you understand something. ;)

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