Monday, October 22, 2012

Everything Is Just Practice For The Real Show/The Truth About Success With Women

Think about it again. Everything is just practice for the real show. What the hell does that mean?


Gruen here from addictive natural dynamics...what's up. (Ay hindi pala video blog to) hehe

Ooook. Back on topic.

What does it mean to be successful with women?

Does it mean...

Having threesomes?
Multiple girlfriends?
Lots of ONS?
Quality girlfriend?

What else...hmmm...

A harem?

Nope. None of it.

Those are all the DOING part.

It's about BEING. Back at it again. Ha.

Being a guy that embodies all the qualities that attract women.

Leadership. Dominance. Bravery. Decisiveness. Determination. Calmness.

You got it all wrong from the start didn't you?

Those are just the symptoms of the way of being. You don't actually do anything when you just are. And like magic, you attain success.

It's not about them.

It has and will always start with with YOU.

It's about you.

Everything you are getting are just feedback from the way that you are.

What does this all mean to you now?

Now you know where to focus your attention.

Yourself, your life, your goals, values and aspirations. That's simply it.

If you make it about the women you will not attain the depth of success experienced only by a few men on earth. Your success is just superficial if you disregard this.

Having said all that, let me clear this up.

Success doesn't happen overnight.

Every failure, shit test, heartbreak, breakup and sad night you experience,

That's just practice.

Practice for the real show.

Preparing you for the real game for when you meet the right woman for you. The girl you really want.

That's what it really means.

Every action you take leads you to a direction. It's up to you to guide the direction and not the action.

Lead yourself. It doesn't matter what you're goind through as long as the direction you are going is where you want to be.

Everything is just practice for the real show.

There's never gonna be a day where you say, "alright, I'm the master now. I have the harem of tens feeding me grapes on the purple bed." It's a lifelong process of becoming.

You have your whole life to get good at this.
Don't stress. Relax, enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the good and the bad. That's how you really succeed. Not like you just read mystery method and go out one night and you're the man. The master.

Champions are men of patience, bravery and determination. They are called champions because they went through the hard stuff like everyone else, yet emerged victorious in the end. While everyone gave up and watched tv or whatever. (Hypothetically speaking).

So, expect the good stuff when you behave like a champ, continuously.

Don't expect anything when you aren't like a champ. Like a chode.

This post is one simple kick in the ass.

To remind all of us.

That being a champion is easy, once you decide that you're gonna be one.

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