Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Teachability Index Will Dictate How Far You Go

Most of us are so set in our ways that for some it is really hard to unlearn stuff. Like the old saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Hmmm, but I beg to differ. I believe in every human being's capacity to consciously override anything in his system. Good habits, bad habits, routine, nervous ticks. Hehe.

But yeah, I truly believe that each and every one of us have that ability. To assume a SUPREME EXECUTIVE role, no excuses, no questions asked. We all have that ability to override our programming. Wether we are young or old. Wether we are rich or poor. We are never at the mercy of social conditioning or programming. That's backwards thinking in my book. Programming is totally under our control. We can reprogram our mental habits, physical habits, eating, even breathing. We are the only life form on earth with that level of executive control. The tunas and salmons migrate unconsciously. But we can choose our actions.

Well, I agree though that not all people are at that level of evolution, because evidently, there are a lot of zombie like humans roaming the world as of this moment. Drones going to work at the same time, everyday, all year round...glued to their tvs, eating cheetos mindlessly. Well, hmm. That tells you something huh.

But then there are the people who are awake. People who take responsibility for their lives. These are the people living AT CAUSE instead of being AT THE EFFECT end.

We have the ability to motivate ourselves, just like when we say to ourselves "focus, self, FOCUS." At some critical moment or something. Or when we want to wake up early for some event. Or refuse the smoke or the alcohol for the night. Point is, We are IN CONTROL.

So if you're being a lazy ass, all I can say is you're just being a bitch. And that is not productive. That won't get you anywhere.

Inspire yourself. (I love hearing myself talk sometimes lol, or write in this case haha)

Yeah that's a bit cocky but, I make sense. And I always follow my own advice.

You see, to succeed with women, all you have to do is muster a massive amount of will.

A decision. A commitment that you will do it. That you will handle this shit once and for all.

That's what I did. And one hell of a ride ensued, and it never stops btw. ;)

Make the commitment. I can't make you, I am just helping you become aware of your old patterns.

We all have to be shaken awake sometimes.

Everything else is up to you. This message must be something, because you read it at this exact moment.

And I know that your journey is about to change. For the better of course.

Believe in yourself man. It always works.

Ok, I better say goodnight to my blog now...I'll leave you with an awesome trance mix I heard earlier today.

Cheerios. :)

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