Monday, October 22, 2012

High Value

The first component of Addictive Attraction.

What does it mean to be high value?

Does it mean that you must be rich? Does it mean that you must be good looking?

Haha maybe. ;)

In the realm of social dynamics, part of our game is approaching. Or knowing what to do when approached by a girl.

You can wear nice clothes, completely formal and you may still broadcast low value. I'm sure you've seen guys like this. The bus pastor for example or this or the funny junior senior boys from the barrio LOL.

So where does high value come from?

What is it really?

First fact of it is : it's subcommunicated.

You cannot control your subcommunication. The reason girls trust subcommunication is because it doesn't lie.

You cannot fake subcommunication. You cannot control something you are not even aware of.

So how do you become high value?

You must have a sharp understanding of your world. If you are well traveled or even just massively socially experienced, this complements that perception. You learn the truth about things.

You learn truths about people, situations and human mechanics.

High value is communicated by your behavior. And behavior can be either conscious, semi conscious and unconscious.

Where does your type of behavior come from?

It springs from your perception.

Here's an example, if you just fucked 3 girls today, and an old set, a pretty girl texts you, would you care? I guess not. Because of what you just went through.

Or for example you just came from vegas, and someone invited you to explore casino filipino and they are excited. Will you be excited?

The quality of the superficial things mentioned doesn't affect the fact that it is still from perception.

So how do you improve your perception?

You go get the reference experiences to understand your world, and from there your perception evolves.

And when your perception evolves, you evolve.

You become.

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