Monday, October 22, 2012

Nimbus Decoded Teaser

Creating a curriculum focused on the secrets of the nimbus sounds like a good idea hmm.

Anyway, yeah. This is just teaser content.

The nimbus is something you can only feel, but cannot see. Only other people can see it.

Point 1, you feel it. And you have an inkling on how people see it. Just an inkling.

On the inverse, other people SEE it, yet only have an inkling on how you exactly feel it.

Very mysterious and very magical.

Hmmm, what else...a few more tips for activation. Nakz.

Nimbus Activation

1. Become closer to you really are - how do you do that? Hmmm ;)
2. Eliminate incongruency - mostly in expression. Inward=Outward
3. Recognize Magnetic Behavior Patterns
In Yourself
4. Secret
5. Secret
6. Secret
7. Secret

Hahaha next time na for now ok na muna yan. Try to understand those three points first.

Extra tips

1. Develop your drive
2. Always have a project going on
3. Develop your strength of character - endure hardships
4. Learn to deal with pain
5. Develop insane amounts of patience

More to come

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