Monday, October 22, 2012

What is "The Nimbus"?

-it's the crazy aura surrounding the coolest mofos on the planet
-experienced and enlightened ladies men and beings have it
-it's an air of glamour or fantasy surrounding a person and his actions

-it is highly coveted by puas but few possess it
-there is a process to go through to ignite and maintain it
-highly elusive, but if you possess it or it ignited it, women flock to you and are magnetized by you in a way that is hard to explain
-you can develop it through hardcore experience and right mindsets
-we all have it, we just have to let go of what stifles it
-when you have it, attraction is effortless
-the stars seem to align for you when it's ON
-it's highly addictive
-charismatic people have it and can amplify it at will
-you can learn to develop it
-it requires massive self honesty and peeling of the layers of ego

...That's it for now...

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