Monday, October 22, 2012

Effortlessness - Addictive Natural Dynamics Style

Anybody can be cool. It takes practice to be awesome. So the meme says.

Well, nothing serious, I just thought or it's relevance and non-relevance.

I thought of posting this since pao-x evolve mentioned it some time ago (zen of icy). I prefer that word. And this might help guys that are currently struggling.

The most important thing you must understand about this is simple.


No sweat.

What's that mean bro. It simply means zero trying. You never TRY.

It just arises from out of you.

You just express whatever it is.

You see when people try to impress, when they try to make an impression, it works against them and totally misses the point.

So how do you achieve effortlessness.

Simple. Mastery.

If you are so at ease with what you're doing, it's got that slickness about it.

There is no try. At all.

You don't care. You don't think. You just do.

You just produce. You just BE. You just flow.

It's like a side of yourself that has been supressed. And it is mostly supressed my a lot of "thinking" "analyzing" and "stressing".

Just let go. Relax, and allow yourself to FLOW.

Like water.

You will start to access that "mastery" part of your brain and it will come in droves.

Now, don't expect to operate from that state when you don't even have the DISCIPLINE to do stuff. To challenge yourself. To challenge the norm.

If you are lazy, even in just readinga book or focusing your attention, this will be so out of your grasp.

Start being in that mode where you allow yourself to make it.

It's simple yet paradoxical.

Whatever it is you do, learn the art of letting go.

This cannot be communicated in words. It must be seen. It must be felt.

It must be recognized.

And that's what we are helping you guys see.

Just relax, allow yourself to chill out and let the chips fall where they may.

Cheers. Keep it rockin.

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