Monday, October 22, 2012

Who do you listen to?

Game on.

This is the very first fresh content on this blog, straight from my neurons and fast fingers. :)

Now my topic is regarding coaches and articles. And the title says it all.

When you want to achieve something, and you don't know anything about going at it, you would seek information right? Of course. If you are smart. Well, I know you are, because you are reading my blog. ;)

I learned about this concept when I was studying something about improving your finances. The guy basically said that if you're learning about something, you should listen to people who have or have done what you are aiming for. Most guys listen to people that take the stage, yet they don't do background checks or a little bit of homework regarding who is giving the talk. He says that that's the very first step - awareness and informed choices regarding whose advice or thinking hat you should try out.

Now, why should you listen to me? I could be just a random blogger with fast fingers or an affinity to write articles for cakes sake. But see, I am confident about my content since I have the experience, and I have gone through the many mazes and permutations of many situations regarding the game. Namely social dynamics and dealing with women. Pretty women that is. To be accurate.

Hmm, let's see. I'm also on facebook right now and I'm gonna grab a few photos of mine for this post.

:)  Ignore my bravado, (i'm just looking at old pics of me having fun with girls)...

This one is back in 2010 I think.

                                    I met this spanish girl at a bar. oh, and I got bangs back then huh. lol
                                                      haha, I was soooo thin back then.

                                                             This was last year I think.
                                                                Another old pic

                                                        Haha last year, much more recent
                                                        more recent than the others

                                               profile pic. haha!

Alright, that settles it. that should help you decide if i'm just messin' around with my content or not.

I lost my smartphone recently so I don't have my most recent pics. (don't expect me to post the more daring pics, that's not my thing to do on the net. hehe) But oh well, I say it's time for more adventures and misadventures then. :) Cheers and stay chill.

And btw, Check this one out. It's very popular right now and it jives with how I do things.


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