Monday, October 22, 2012

The Pogi Points Myth (Attractive Score Points)

You play the guitar? Pogi points bro.

You have a nice car? Pogi points ulit.

Gwapo ka? Pogi points however redundant.

Dami ka cash? Syet pogi poinnnts.

Now I ask you, how does this attract the women you meet?

I'm not here to lie to you guys and tell you everything's pretty and shove rainbows and sunshines up your ass.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH.

What's the role of pogi points in attraction?

Here's the truth.



Since we were kids, we were taught to CHASE these things, so we can have the girl we want. Well, as you prolly already know, that programming is nothing but a fairy tale.

Looks and money opens doors and opportunities. That's all they do.

But talking to women opens a lot more doors. IF, if you know what you're doing.

Or BEING, so to speak.

These factors are so conditioned into the mass population it's not even funny.

Say a guy goes to a mall, he's fairly good looking, and has 50k in his possession.

Then I go in the mall to eat and I only have 1k.

Now we see a girl WE like.

How is his 50k gonna help him?

How is MY 1k gonna help me?

Again my brethren, zero factor whatsoever.

Let's make the story even more complicated. The other guy looks like some matinee idol. He's fairly confident and cool.

Now I'm the one who talks to the girl and I'm being funny, sharp and playful. I kino her and then number close. Then I invite her to the club for the weekend.

Who gets the girl then?

Same scenario in clubs. A guy parks his effin PORSCHE and goes in. Now we both walk in. I claw and kiss close the girl we're both looking at. While he drinks at the bar.

Who gets the girl then.

Can he bring his porsche inside or even OPEN her with "hey I have a porsche, it's outside". LOL man.

Unless he's doing it for fun it may work.

But, in reality girls will just laugh at him for opening with THAT.

You see what I'm getting at?

You have been fed a lot of conditioning since you were a kid.
These things are on the superficial level and they are a strategy of logic. As we all know girls are NOT logical, they are emotional.

So if it's not looks or money then what is the secret?

That's another subject my brethren and I have a cutting edge explanation. Might tell it to you when we meet someday. ;)

Let's say confidence. Fine. But there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.


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