Monday, October 22, 2012

On Not Giving a Fuck

It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

What does not giving a fuck really mean?

In the field, I see guys TRY not to give a fuck. They TRY to approach and TRY to battle humiliation.

Some of them yell and say "raaaaahhhhh! Let's do this shit!!!!"

And some of them just act obnoxious just to get attention.

No bro. That's not what it is.

It's not some state of excitement or intensity.

It's more like a letting go.

Imagine jumping outside an airplane and you feel nothing but peace.

That's what it is. You let go of the ego.

You let go of your insecurities, your internal dialogue and whatever bullshit you might have in your head.

It's more like a relaxation of the mind. And the body.

Once you get this. To continually inhabit the indifference threshold, you start to become real.

You start to emanate value. You become addictive.

But it's easier said than done ain't it?

Just keep going out, keep facing your fears.

You will learn to thread the PATH OF BALANCE.

Imagine a guy who doesn't give a fuck and he is going crazy like guns blazing "arrrrrrghhhh! Fuck everyone!"

And imagine a guy smiling silently to himself, completely in control. Without malice, without plans, without bullshit.

That's what it is. You can only have it once you understand the paradox of reality and experience.

Then everything starts to become easy for you.

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