Monday, October 22, 2012


Social conditioning is called that way because your behavior is "conditioned". It is not natural.

What exists on the other end of the spectrum is our lesson for today.

Whenever you are expressing yourself, whenever you are truly doing what you want without filter, whenever you are congruent with how you are feeling, you are being authentic.

Conditioning tries to install in you behaviors that are not natural.

Things like supplicating for example to be liked by a girl. It is not natural behavior. Mind you, conditioning has it's benefits to society.

But not every conditioning is good for you or accurate.

Authenticity is your natural state. Your natural way of behaving, thinking and communicating.

Whenever you stray from that, you are being inauthentic.

Whenever you are acting far from who you really are, you are being inauthentic.

Authenticity happens when everything about you lines up.

When who you really are and what you project is one and the same.

Most people are inauthentic since they have what we call "agendas". They want, need or force something to happen in order to attach a new thing to their egos.

You can choose to let go all of that, remove your personality shells and put your real personality on the line.

It's like saying get the girl by being you.

Most guys are afraid of rejection that's why they act inauthentic when they open, so they can rationalize that it was the behavior, the different person they projected that was rejected and not the "real them".

Be brave and expose yourself.

You can never hide anyway coz it will come through.

Be genuine. Be real. Be legit. Be the real deal.

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