Monday, October 22, 2012

Be proactive

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Ayt! What is proactive? It's a behavior and mindset.

In mission impossible 1, kittridge says, "he's proactive, he initiates, the question is what does he want?"

It means you ACT in situations instead of react.

This is how you win at chess.

This is how you win at everything.

Even in basketball, the team that controls the play has what we call the "initiative". The other team is reacting to their play and they are winning. They control the rythm of the game. They are ACTING and the other team is REACTING.

In social dynamics, being proactive means being a leader. Controlling the vibe, the rythm and the flow of the interaction.

Having PROACTIVE habits mean you take care of future problems in dating/social dynamics by continuing to approach, learn and develop yourself so the issue of having girls in your life is handled automatically.

It is being handled NOW.

Practicing is proactive.

Disciplining your self to meditate is proactive.

Reading is a proactive activity.

They are your chosen actions.

It's the first habit int the 7 habits of highly effective people.

Be Proactive Man. It's the best foundational habit. :)

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