Monday, October 22, 2012

The Self Is Always Coming Through

There is no escaping it.

Who you really are is always broadcasted. It comes through in everything you do.

Your voice, attitude, personality, actions etc.

You can NEVER hide.

If you are overall an awesome guy, girls know that deep inside immediately.

If you are a needy lameass pretending to be alpha, that is also broadcasted.

There is no escaping the truth.

Yeah, use a routine, then after that the self will come through.

They KNOW how you are really feeling.

They know your attitude. A general idea of it.

It comes through with your VIBE.

No matter how hard you try to hide your pleasing or not so pleasing parts of your personality it will come through.

The point is this, if you trust yourself to be an overall good guy, you don't have to worry about qualifying yourself or supplicating to the women in order to gain their affection.

You trust that the self is always coming through and they will eventually realize who you are.

If you aren't at a good level yet, that's where transformation and developing yourself comes in.

Ever wonder why you got blown out after your routine? Same principle.

Or you can't stay in set? Same.

Or being in a relationship and something changed in you internally and saw the effect on her, positive or negative? Same stuff.

No escape remember that.

You either man up and get your stuff handled or continue to flaunder.

The point of this principle is to understand that girls can like you for who you really are and not with any other stuff.

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