Monday, October 22, 2012

Alpha Male Quality

Alright, this hit me up after a recent thread.

You've seen guys that are naturally assertive, confident and edgy.

Well, that's a bit of alpha but not all of it.

Alpha is a status you earn through your actions.

You do not chase alpha status, it is achieved in yourself.

Alpha is being able to lead others after being able to lead yourself first.

Assertiveness, boundaries, a strong identity, a strong sense of what reality is, how your emotions work and how to deal with the world.

Able to have fun and not a care in the world. Able to get what he wants. Go getter.

Man of action.

We all have this. We are men. Bring that side of you out naturally, not forced. Lead yourself well.

(Haha I'm writing this on mobile while walking, namamasyal ako. Nakakalito pala gumawa ng article pag ganito. :)

Develop yourself into a strong man. Mentally, physically and emotionally and the women will respond to you.

Command respect and give respect in return.

Appreciate the goodness in others and yourself. Alpha doesn't mean you are rude or totally oblivious to decency.

It just means you don't care enough on a level that you are in control of yourself and your situation.

Be the gorilla.

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