Monday, October 22, 2012


Everybody knows what a cool, sociable and fun guy looks like. Wether they know it consciously or unconsciously, they have an imprint of it.

Similar to when a duck hatches from the egg and they see the their mother, it is imprinted into their brains.

Now these imprints are inside your brain. You have your own version of it.

When you go into state, you access this imprint.

If your brain sees that you have a 5 value for example, imprint this gets accessed by your brain and you act/behave accordingly.

If your brain recognizes that you have 9-10 value in that situation for example, you access your highest imprint. You go into state and behave accordingly.

You can control the controls of wether your brain lets you access the imprint you need. You can tell it to access the imprint regardless of situation or superficial value.

You brain will start allowing you to access these high value behaviors and in turn attract women effortlessly.

Access the imprint.

Lower your threshold and start igniting.

Sometimes that is all you need.

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