Monday, October 22, 2012

The Social Matrix

Hollywood Actors, Presidents, Models, Beauty Queens. Etcetera

The matrix is the socially conditioned ways of how we PERCIEVE status and how we behave towards them.

It is something artificial yet VALID in order for the world to progress.

However, status is subjective and all humans understand that we are all humans.

We all have families, insecurities, goals and ambitions.

If you are viewing the world only based on the social matrix paradigm, you are limited and you think you are not enough.

You become trapped in chasing the circumstances for it to define you.

This stuff is not talked about and intuitively understood by humans.

Status is not only measured by the amount of money you have nor the built of your body and face. Yes that is a component but that's not all of it.

Once you gain an intuitive understanding of the social matrix through your reference experiences gained in the field, you will be able to do stuff others cannot.

Like for example, close the models.

Of course you still have to match VALUE and SOCIAL SAVVY to do this.

That's where transformation comes in.

If you don't understand this you will keep being pushed down by the invisble hand of society.

You can escape the Matrix to see beyond it, go back and behave even better than before inside it.

You will create your own rules, dictate your own value and easily meet the women of your choice.

Gain the experience to understand this. Just let it percolate in your mind. Not consciously study it that much. There's a point to let it go and start realizing that it's all SUBJECTIVE.

I told you guys I'm not kidding. I'm preparing myself to blast through with my nimbus.

Are you guys ready?

Cheers & Carpe Diem.

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