Monday, October 22, 2012

So why Addictive Natural Dynamics?

We created this group around July 2012 when I started to try carrying out dating bootcamps. My first two bootcamps were a success and as part of the package, I want to continuously help my students.

I chose the name "Addictive" first and foremost because, I know what it's like to be an attention grabber, or a mesmerizing presence. All guys that are good with women either consciously or unconsciously know how to do this. Men like this operate on a purely internal level that they are so authentic to the people they interact with that their behaviors have zero traits of agenda, hidden intent, manipulation, deception, malice, or pretension. They are what we call "real". Men like us become a magnetic presence that just by being authentic, we become very attractive. Especially to women.

As for "Natural", this was to point out that I started out as a "natural". This term describes the men who are naturally attractive to women and didn't have to study the pick up arts. It's kind of an oddball case for me since I discovered the pua community back in 2004. When my super cute girlfriend and I broke up. Very timely. Now this discovery led to a massively enjoyable rollercoaster ride of instrospection and all sorts of adventures with women. I met a lot of cool dudes with the same mindsets that I have, too.

For "Dynamics", I chose this word since I was an avid poster and student of Real Social Dynamics. Check their site out here : Real Social Dynamics. Now, I just wanna vouch for these guys because they are the real deal. Game recognizes game yo. nuff said.

Just check their site out and I assure you they will be able to help in many many ways. I learned a lot from these guys and they are funny too.

Now, back on topic, now's the only time I ever got around to creating a blog for my group. Plus It looks a lot better than just posts on a Facebook group, and it's much more manageable.

I plan on posting some pics of me and my friends in the "field". And of course, cool ass articles.

Enjoy your time here in my blog!

In any case you want to contact me about my bootcamps, posts, just comment or send me an email at



Edit : Let me just plug the Fb group's description, it's hilarious. :)
You are what women can't get enough of.

What they crave and fantasize about.

You are their fix. A pleasureable hallucination. You are the drug.

The Addiction. The Addictive Entity.

You are, the Avengers. :))

We will call ourselves, Cokes.

Sprites. Royals. :))

The most elite and unbeatable team of natural ladies men.

Like an irresistible drug, they always want more.

Pua is dead.

Let them try and try to master techniques while we keep on becoming.

Legend :Cokes - Addictive Naturals
Royals - Intermediate Addictives
Sprites - New Bubbles

Haha seriously, those are just wordplays.

*We are the true natural ladies men of the Philippine Republic.*
Now, that was a little bit tounge in cheek humor there, but, it tells you more about what this blog is about. ;)

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