Monday, October 22, 2012

The Art of Being Normal

We all have different realities.

One person's reality will jive with yours while with another, you may find it weird just because they are japanese.

Humans are diverse creatures. Albeit all the same. Nonetheless, we differ in culture, mindsets, family values, environment influence, psychology and experience even the books we have read.

This is why we have something called,

"Culture Shock".

When you go to a club, you see and meet all kinds of people. Each person has a different experience of the world going on.

Nothing is ever the same for two people in the same place.

Knowing this, we also take regard of people's individual idiosyncrazies.

I may like chess, you may like xbox.

Now as we pursue each of our interests, we become engaged and immeresed in them.

Thus experience reality a little bit differently.

Always remember the word SUBJECTIVITY and along with that, OBJECTIVITY.

When you are interacting with women, some guys blurt out things completely out of context. I've seen this. This is what we call, miscalibration.

Being normal around women comes from the understanding that we all have different worlds, yet we have rules of interaction and we all relate to each other in some way.

Being normal means you don't act differently from how you normally act.

I see guys transform when they open a set.

Just be who you are. Naturally.

However, remember our principle of "transformation."

If you are a weirdo who spends life in a basement then goes out to the night to go on a pick up adventure, that's not gonna cut it. You have to transform into a guy that doesn't depend on his environment for who he is.

Re the example above, think about it. I'm a hacker. I can spend nights focused on a computer with an internet connection for long periods of time and go on an online adventure. Yet it doesn't affect my ability to be normal. Why? Because I know who I am.

And my behaviors are all balanced.

Look at the geeks in japan for example, they have a term for it. "Otacon"? yata.

What they do is they spend all day all night dealing with anime etc. And that is their identity. And it confines them. A bit weird unless he knows how to be normal.

If you're gonna be a social cool person, you have to round yourself out.

Get the experiences. The reference experiences so you know how the world really works. And then you can go back playing that computer game anytime.

Once you "get it.

Just be normal. It will take you far in this journey.

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