Monday, October 22, 2012

Flow - The Secret of Peak Performance

Let's start the lesson by quoting from a movie - The Hustler:

Fast Eddie: Cause, ya see, twice, Sarah... once
at Ames with Minnesota Fats and then again at
Arthur's, in that cheap, crummy pool room, now
why'd I do it, Sarah? Why'd I do it? I coulda beat
that guy, coulda beat 'im cold, he never woulda
known. But I just hadda show 'im. Just hadda
show those creeps and those punks what the
game is like when it's great, when it's REALLY
great. You know, like anything can be great,
anything can be great. I don't care, BRICKLAYING
can be great, if a guy knows. If he knows what
he's doing and why and if he can make it come
off. When I'm goin', I mean, when I'm REALLY
goin' I feel like a... like a jockey must feel. He's
sittin' on his horse, he's got all that speed and
that power underneath him... he's comin' into
the stretch, the pressure's on 'im, and he
KNOWS... just feels... when to let it go and how
much. Cause he's got everything workin' for 'im:
timing, touch. It's a great feeling, boy, it's a real
great feeling when you're right and you KNOW
you're right. It's like all of a sudden I got oil in my
arm. The pool cue's part of me. You know, it's uh
- pool cue, it's got nerves in it. It's a piece of
wood, it's got nerves in it. Feel the roll of those
balls, you don't have to look, you just KNOW. You
make shots that nobody's ever made before. I
can play that game the way... NOBODY'S ever
played it before."

That's what's it like when you are flowing. When you are in state.

Think of something you do very well. There is a mental strategy for how you do it. And you just repeat it and repeat it until you don't think about it anymore.

That's the goal of learning new skills. Attaining:

Unconscious Competence

In NLP, there are four stages to learning. Just do a google search, I think most of you already know about this.

When you are flowing, unconscious competence is on high gear. You don't think about what you're doing. It just arises from you.

It's like you start to become something else. You become an intermediary.

"I am not the doer. This is happening through me."

If you know how to access flow, then you are the man. That's what makes Michael Jordan the best.

Tiger woods, Gary Kasparov, Anna Kournikova, Michael Schumacher.

These people practiced to the point of unconscious competence until it has consumed them. Until it has become them.

Of course it comes with a price. Massive massive patience. That's why only a few percentage of people really get good at anything. That is the real reason.

Marami cguro sa inyo ang nakabasa ng fliptop kalokohan ko sa ABYD. When I'm flowing I don't think about composing the lyrics. I just TYPE. It just arises out of me.

No effort.

That's the level you want to be on.

Flow and fly my bros.

You only need your patience and sharpening your mental strategies for learning this bros.

When your attention is IN THE MOMENT, like what baseball player's say, they can "see" the ball. At 120 mph. Activate that state.

I call this mode "eyes on fire."

All of us can flow. Our brains are made that way.

Be a peak performer. :) cheers

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