Monday, October 22, 2012

The Game Is All About Reference Experiences

(Dammit I just erased a whole post, typing again haha)
Alright. If you've had the same experiences that I've had, you would be posting this same stuff right now. It is all about EVIDENCE. If your brain sees that this is possible for you over by providing it with the experiences to draw calculations from, then IT WILL BE TOTALLY POSSIBLE. Provide your brain with massive evidence. That's all it is. Once you brain is convinced, you are now CERTAIN. It's like doing something over and over again and being sure of it that you know that you can do it again. Anytime. It becomes an understanding, instead of just beliefs. MASSIVE REFERENCES. It will add up over time and it will become nuclear. You will KNOW that this is possible and it will start becoming NORMAL and MUNDANE to you. You will be surprised that people are amazed while you just think that it's normal. Our brains like to EAT these references. Provide it and it will do the job for you. There will be no more question in your head. The once impossible will now be possible for YOU.

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