Monday, October 22, 2012

Freedom from Outcome

This means you are not emotionally invested in the interaction. When you open and it doesn't go well, it doesn't affect your sense of self.

Guys approach and when they get a good reaction they feel on top of the world. But when it goes bad they're in hell.

That means you draw your sense of self from other people's reactions to you and that is weak.

Your trying to ignite your nimbus by being dependent on other people. It completely defeats the nature of nimbus.

You will never win at this game until you understand this.

This is a partner of the abundance mentality.

If you have this, it means you have a strong sense of self and a very strong reality.

Up to you how to achieve this. My suggestion, keep opening, keep learning and study yourself.

This is of utmost importance.

Make it your goal to free your mind and fly.

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