Monday, October 22, 2012

Extra Tips For Igniting Your Nimbus

(You can pay me royalty later, coz you will be more attractive, guaranteed)

1. Think of something that makes you self-conscious. Then completely ignore it for one day. If you can.
2. Meditate whenever possible.

3. Deep breathing exercises.
4. Face your fears, everyday. At least one a day. Be careful.
5. Read constantly.
6. Watch awesome movies. Awesome is relative. It depends on you.
7. Focus on feeling awesome. Dance, skateboard, listen to your favorite music whatever
8. 10 day positivity challenge
9. Eliminate blaming from your reality
10. Focus on a goal
11. Make the world a better place via your "energy" or "vibe"
12. Associate with people with awesome energies
13. Make yourself laugh. And have fun with other people whenever possible.
14. Stop taking things too seriously. Life is short.
15. Eat fruits
16. Get ample sleep
17. Teach something to someone. Anything
18. Lead a group, help them achieve their goals
19. Take a walk in nature and look far
20. Create an awesomeness journal, constantly remind yourself that everyone's life is a movie that we all create and synergize.

More to come

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