Monday, October 22, 2012

Pattern Recognition

Human interaction is always happening. Now in these vast occurrences, patterns emerge.

Our brains are comparable to massive gigazillion bytes of hard drives. One can wonder where our memories are stored.

Now if you put massive amounts of data into your brain, it will start recognizing all the patterns and you will be massively effective. Get out there, open all kinds of sets in all kinds of situations. Then your brain will take care of developing your "spidey sense", along with your natural transformation.

Like neo, you will be able to see the "code" of interactions and you will know instantly what to do in that moment. It will come to you. You will feel it. That is how advanced guys work in the field.

That's why you see seemingly impossible feats are done like early kissclosing or early pull or nimbus demonstration like all girls are looking at you.

Massive amounts of data. You don't have to be conscious of it all. Just jam it in. Order in bulk. Jam-packed experiences.

And you will be sharp as a samurai.

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