Monday, October 22, 2012

Vocal Projection is An Asset Skill

I constantly rip on joseph on this since he has a mild mannered voice. Hehe

This will usually fix most guys problems.

A guy opens and the girls can't even hear him, well whaddaya expect? Blown out.

The club is a big noisy place. You can train your voice to cut through the noise and bass. It's important that the girls can hear you.

Of course this needs to be coupled with calibration. You don't want to be talking too loud all the time, there is a time for everything. You can even open like joseph and have it go through. Like "whispering" hehe. I open usually very mildly. But when it's loud I can even startle a group of dancing girls.

You don't wanna shout on day game of course lol. Just the right amount. Be heard, be confident.

The point of this principle is that most guys are shy and can't even speak clearly when talking to women. Learn to use your voice and be heard.

Yet another simple tweak and see how many guys don't realize it.

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