Monday, October 22, 2012

Being Aware of How You Affect Others Emotionally

Emotional acuity. That's what we call it.

Emotional responsiveness and sensitivity.

You know what mouse sensitivity is right?

It's very comparable to that. If your mouse setting has a high sensitivity, it responds even with minute movement. If it has a low sensitivity, you need to draaaaag the mouse to move the cursor.

When you approach, two things happen.

The girl/girls react to the approach.

And they look at how you react to their reaction.

Now, chodes have very little emotional acuity. If the girl makes a face of disgust, the guy should immediately respond accordingly.

What does that mean? He must do better than what he is doing. Have a higher sensitivity to what's needed in the interaction.

Like, we train guys to be persistent. But there are guys who just won't quit because they have no emotional sensitivity. They keep on pestering the girl. Some guys get into trouble because of this.

Always be aware of how you are affecting them in the interaction.

If they feel intimidated for example, loosen up a bit. If you see they are shy, make them laugh. If they are peeved, politely excuse yourself or lighten them up just one more time.

Instead of just focusing on delivering your opener or dhv. (Lol)

Seeing other guys in the field, I see this missing from a lot of them. That's why they get unsatisfactory results. They don't even know how to deal with a raised eyebrow. Thus the loss of confidence.

Once you know that you can deal with anything a woman throws at you, you can become confident in any interaction.

How do you get that? Sharpen your emotional sensitivity. :)

That's why being in the moment HELPS YOU. If you are inside your head, you won't even see what they're giving out in response.

Start being aware of this and you will learn to lead the the flow and the vibe of the interaction.


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