Monday, October 22, 2012


Outframing - say bye bye to the bs.

So, what is outframing.

Think. You're in a situation right now.
Wether it's a challenge or a satisfactory one, you can always go higher up, and start looking at the big picture.

Ok, say you don't have a girlfriend. And you would like too. Most guys get sad in this situation. If they knew how to outframe it, they'd feel a lot better and think sharper.

So how's it done yo.

Situations within situations.

Just chunk it up. It's up to you as long as it makes sense. Here's a general one.

Situation : guy is lonely. No gf
Chunk it up : guy has family andfriends
Chunk it up : guy has lots of hobbies and things to do, like pick up arts lol
Chunk it up : guy has dreams to pursue and in doing so he will meet the right girl he wants when she presents herself
Chunk it up : the earth is a big place
Chunk it up : the sun will explode in N years it doesn't matter lol
Chunk it up : the galaxy is so big this petty matter is nonsense

Lol, you get the idea. Point is : we are all in situations, and those situations are also inside situations. You are negative or feeling bad because you get caught up in the details. You just see the tress, the bark and the leaves instead of the big forest.

Learn to step out of that "caught up" mode and you will learn to be aware of your own processes. And awareness is always the first step in control.

Chunk it up, bigger picture. Until you understand the whole picture and realize that the small details just look big when they are just an inch close to your eyes.

Simple, yet powerful. Just make sense. The example I gave was quite overextended yet it demonstrates the point.

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