Monday, October 22, 2012

Assertiveness, Boundaries, Respect and Diplomacy

What do women call guys that they can easily play, manipulate or disrespected?

Yep. That's right. Doormats.

You wouldn't want to be trampled on right?

Here's one thing you should notice.

ALL the guys that are good with women,

They don't take shit from anybody.

Of course this doesn't mean that you create all out wars left and right just because somebody "kalings" your ears. :D

We call it enforcing boundaries.

Never let women disrespect you. Ever. And anyone for that matter.

Of course you should know that you are on the right position. And you should also learn diplomacy.

Thing is people, especially women, test your boundaries. To find out how much you will let them get away with something.

Enforcing boundaries is simply showing them a line. That they should respect.

The world works on mutual respect. Businesmen know that. Rappers know that.

Even The Mafia respects respect.

So that's basically it, learn to set, enforce and defend boundaries. That's just part of being a man.

If I were PNOY for example, I would send a n enough fleet of military ships on our islands just for standby but stay diplomatic.
Or even just in the negotiations, you would opt for more FIRMNESS and STRENGTH than let china push you around. Hehe

A funny example yet demonstrates the matter of boundaries, respect and diplomacy.

When dealing with women and people and general, know when to be assertive.

And never forget calibration.

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