Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Comfort Zone Is The Enemy

Women react to you because of VALUE.

Ok, let's clear that up. Value is NOT what amanda says. Although it's pointing to the target. But value is different from money.

Value is capability. And a lot more.

Now what does this have to do with "comfort zone".

Ok, the reason girls cheat is because the guy becomes complacent. He becomes comfortable. He
doesn't challenge himself anymore. He is content
with staying in a routine or comfortable way.

Just like the millions of people content in the
routines of their lives day after day. They have
become accustomed to it and stayed in it.

Point is, in order for us to progress, we must
constantly challenge ourselves.

If I play with my chess computer program at the
"easy" level for example and never change the
setting, my skill will stay the same.

Time to move up. Do a harder challenge. Expose
myself to the possibility of failure.

That's the only way to grow and keep improving.
That's the only way to keep progressing.

Do harder and harder challenges. Hotter girls,
hotter venues, hotter business.

In this way, you stay challenged and living on the edge.

You stay out of your comfort zone.

You continue to cultivate value in you.

If you never stop, you keep on going in the right

You stay alpha.

Never run away from bad emotions. Expose
yourself to them.

You will get stronger and stronger.

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