Monday, October 22, 2012

Signature Humor

All of us have our own individual brand of humor.

In my case, I'm sometimes sarcastic, witty but mostly playful.

The important thing is you enjoy making yourself laugh. This in turn draws the girl/s to your reality and find it funny.

Plus the laughing dynamic is infectious. You continue to give value by being self-amusing and humorous.

The point is you should bring out YOUR OWN NATURAL sense of humor instead os saying things that you THINK she will find funny.

If it makes YOU laugh, that's simply it. It's your own brand.

Bring that out when interacting with women, in the field or wherever else.

It's authentic, attractive and unreactive.

Most guys try to spout routines or jokes that is not even jiving with THEM. Just to make women laugh.

Learn to entertain yourself and that is infinitely more attractive than anything else, ie, reaction seeking.

Bringing out your own flavor of humor is in NO WAY reaction seeking. It is expressive, value giving because it's coming from you, and ultimately authentic.

You are giving instead of seeking.

It's your signature. Be proud of it. Express what you find funny for yourself and watch them giggle at you being happy about it instead of the joke/funny anecdote itself.

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